Hello! Olá! Hoi! 
I am Pedro Mesquita AKA Pedro Pezinho, but I know Portuguese is hard to read and you can call me Pez if you like. Long story short.  I am a very hands-on creative director, exploring new ways to make relevant creative work. I graduated in graphic design and started my career as an assistant creating album covers for major Brazilian artists. (It was pretty cool back then). Then I started making motion graphics for museums and installations. Designing in motion fascinated me and opened a whole new creative world. I started making my motion graphics for a big media group in Brazil (Globo). It was a fun journey and I learned a lot from it. There I got to lead a creative team of designers and copywriters. It was a straight, solid, safe path to ride. But it was time to move. I had a son and moved to Portugal. There I kept making motion graphics, but I also dedicated some more time to my illustration skills which led me to some important personal achievements. But then came Corona. Time to move again! Now I live in the Netherlands and I don't intend to move again soon. I still make Motion Graphics and I'm always thrilled by new professional challenges. 
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